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Frösö IF
Div 3 herr
King, Krig, Kärlek!
Klara för div 2 Norrland nästa säsong

Efter en makalös upphämtning från underläge 2-0 i minut 72 till seger med 2-4  är en prestation utan dess like.


Det betyder div 2 Norrland även nästa år!

Några ord från Dory Yates spelare/ass. tränare
2022-06-26 16:51

It’s been a brilliant first half of the season now completed, with a fantastic 3 points away in a derby match vs Offerdals which shows this squads character to never give up and fight together til the end which resulted in a 4-3 win.

I am very happy to be apart of Frösö IF football club and feel privileged to have the role I have as a player & assistant coach. It is a fantastic football club and organisation in the local area, with great people involved for example naming Nicki who is the heartbeat of the club. Also, working alongside Tomas I’ve learnt a lot within the Swedish culture of football and will continue to learn all the time and keep improving. I feel like me and Tomas work very well together as a team giving each other a good balance, and I have a great respect for the way he coaches and manages people.

Pre-season was always going to be the ultimate challenge with the team getting relegated last season after such a difficult long season. Recruiting new players, and trying our best to keep as many players to go again this season. Losing half the squad and having to rebuild. In my opinion, one of the most important factors in us being where we are in the league competing at the top so far is because of the core group of lads that have stayed with Tomas, me and the club, which is enabling the young lads in the team coming through to thrive also. We have a young squad but a very good balance and we will always have a chance to compete if we keep improving as a team. Its very important we approach the remaining games with a positive mentality and keep our fitness up over the summer break.

For me personally, it’s a brilliant challenge and I will always want to become better as a coach, player & a person. I believe we can win together, we wouldn’t be where we are if we weren’t winners.

Referat: Frösö IF - Östavalls IF
Seger i toppmatchen
2022-06-09 00:24

Seger i matchen mot Östavall efter att Majed Saedi pangat in segermålet i 90 minuten

Referat: Anundsjö IF - Frösö IF
Seger för Anundsjö
2022-06-04 17:38

En dålig start bäddade för Anundsjö att ta ledningen med både 1-0 och 2-0 

Referat: Frösö IF - Ljusdals IF
Storseger idag mot Ljusdal
2022-05-29 19:38

Sami Talsi på målhumör och stog för fyra av målen idag, Andreas Englund och Wasy Burhan ett vardera


Bra jobbat

Referat: Frösö IF - Svegs IK
Skön trepoängare
2022-05-27 07:57

Det blev uddamålsseger i söndagens match mot Svegs IK